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02 November 2009 @ 07:23 am

Hi there,
I'm xxmicawberxx and I'm the maintainer of this community.

UPDATE ON MARCH 1ST, 2010. Before you read the content below, let me tell you first that this community is frozen now. I had stopped translating since February 8th, but as I had a great time here I decided to not delete this community. If you want to know what happened to the band after that, please stalk their Ameblo instead. But if you are still interested in reading their blog entries for over 3 months (from October 31st to February 8th), just click the Join button and follow the rules below.


As you can tell from the name of this community, here you will find my translations of D'espairsRay Official Fanclub Blog. You may ask why I'm doing this. Well just because I can, and I want to share the joy I have by reading the band's blogs with my fellow Mania. I don't know how many of you out there want to read this though, but I guess I'll do it anyway.
For those who are against this, you get your mind and I get mine. I'll try my best to make this right, so please be nice to me ok?

If you're here for the translations, I welcome you all.
BUT please read and keep in mind these following rules first! (rule? not really)

★1. Do NOT spread the translations and the photos out of community!
You can fangirl in your own journal or take the photos for personal use, I don't care. But don't spread FC stuff from here! If your friends ask you how you know this or where you found that blah blah, just direct them here.
When I feel things are getting wrong, I'll stop doing translations. You've been warned.

★2. I'm still learning, both Japanese and English, so I bet you can find 4754285675387 mistakes from my translations everyday. If you do, don't hestitate to give me 4754285675387 comments or more just to tell me how bad my Japanese and English is. Especially English, words and grammar I use may not make sense sometimes ._. So I'd appreciate your help very much, honestly.
However I'm not going to post the original Japanese posts here so it would be difficult for you to compare, my apologies about that. But I think many of you here are in FC too, so please help me (and the others as well) by pointing out my mistakes.

★3. If you have any questions related to the blogs and the guys, just ask (in the comments). I'm sure there are many people willing to help you. I'll try my best too :)

★4. I'm an extreme fangirl to be honest, but I'll try my best to not fangirl over the translations. So please give me as much comments as possible, I'll be happy xD

★5. Respect other people. I DO-NOT like dramas, thank you.

★6. If you still want to join after reading every single thing above, please leave a comment here. (BUT don't forget to hit the button Join please!!) The membership is open now, no need to comment anymore.

Some other notes
- I started translating from Oct 31st. But if I have time I'll try to translate some old entries too, since they're worth reading ;)
- I set time of the entries exactly like the time they're posted. If this caused you any problems in reading, please tell me.
- There're some phrases/ line I don't translate. Like Otsukarechan, ndareba, abayo etc. If you don't know what they mean, just ask me.

Anyway guys, let's make me think I've made a right decision!!!!! :D

*EDIT: And don't bother to add me please. It's obvious this account is not my main one, so I'm kinda surprised some people still added me. Don't waste your time.